Saturday, December 8, 2012

Laurence Fox (second try)

Laurence Fox as DS James hathaway in 'Lewis'.
Pencil drawing on Bristol paper
Portrait by Martha Guthrie, 7 december 2012
Second try (check earlier post for first try). Slightly better.  Except for the hair... I decided to leave it like it is, before I'd make a complete mess of it.
Had some trouble -as usual- scanning the picture (the scanner doesn't seem to like subtile pencil lines), so I took a photograph of it and added the black background with computer.
I've been trying to draw portraits now for about three weeks. I have to admit that Laurence Fox was a difficult one. Hardly any lines/wrinkles in his face, but yet an unmistakable shape and look. Lips full, but no pouting expression, nose appears to be 'long' but it isn't, and a slightly cheeky look in his eyes.
I hope I caught some of those expressions in this picture.
On to the next one. I think I'll go for one of my favorite singers...

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