Monday, December 17, 2012

Jeremy Brett - Sherlock Holmes

Jeremy Brett - Sherlock Holmes
Pastel drawing on sketching paper by Martha Guthrie
17 december 2012
No doubt Jeremy Brett was the best Sherlock ever.
As you can see I've been experimenting with pastel pencils some more. This time full colour. Ah, jeez, it's hard...
I understand that this is NOT what a good pastel should look like, but  I decided to place it for the record. Maybe some day we can see some progress.
I overused the fixative: with every layer I sprayed, the vibrant colours of the pastel died a little more.
Also Jeremy's eyes won't look the right way. He's supposed to look at you, but now, I have no idea where he's looking.
But it's not all entirely my fault... my camera distorted the picture. No matter how hard I try to get the settings right, or how hard I try to take a perfect 'straight from above' picture, the damn thing distorts the drawing, perspective and colour wise. Also it's hard to get it properly lit. The left side of the drawing is actually a lot darker than the right side, but in the photograph both sides seem the same. Oh well.
But I like the hat  :-)

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