Friday, December 28, 2012

Jeremy Brett (Sherlock Holmes) pastel on cardboard

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes
Pastel drawing on grey cardboard by Martha Guthrie
28 december 2012
This black and white pastel I drew on the thick grey cardboard from the back of a pack Canson Bristol paper.
Using fixative on this cardboard immediately dulled the pastel tones, they 'sank' away before my eyes.
His face looks slightly twisted, but I like how the eyes turned out. Jeremy actually looks at you, something I had trouble with before.
I still prefer normal drawing pencils over the crudeness of the pastel chalks, but seeing how other artists make life like portraits with pastels, I think I should persevere. One day I'll master it :-) 


  1. I like it that's why I love to try this kind of drawing, a great sample pf pastel portrait drawing. Keep on posting!

  2. The likeness is good, Martha. I especially like the rougher grain which gives it more texture.